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tv   U.S. Senate Sen. Nelson Tribute to Sen. Mc Cain  CSPAN  August 30, 2018 11:59am-12:01pm EDT

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years later when he joined us here in the senate. the pentagon had no closer ally than john mccain. they also had no fiercer critic. like an admiral who demanded only the best of his sail os, john -- sailors, he wanted to be sure that our service men were living up to their standard. he never hesitated to call out runaway spending in military ranks. our men and women in uniform were stronger and our nation more safe because of his efforts. no one commanded more respect than john mccain as the chairman of the senate armed services committee. john constantly put others before himself as a prisoner of war, and he did the same as a senator. he was the kind of friend that
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you could count on for help when you needed it most. nearly 20 years ago governor mitt romney who at the time has been tasked with salvaging the salt lake winter olympic games came to me with a pressing problem with only months to go before the opening ceremony. utah lacked the federal funding it desperately needed to pull off the olympic games. in our moment of need, we turned to senator mccain. i took mitt over to see him. the two of us marched up to senator mccain's office in the russell building. even though we came unannounced, senator mccain gladly received us, and together mitt and i made the case for emergency funding. within days we had secured the resources we needed to move forward with the games, all thanks to senator john mccain. were itot


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